Thursday, February 5, 2015


I have never been one to buy, obsess, wear or even enjoy makeup. I really have been lucky enough to not have to wear makeup. However, I always find myself browsing the makeup aisle, or going into an Ulta or Sephora hoping something will jump out and me and inspire me to try something new, and that happened to me the other day. I ran across an instagram feed of Drew Barrymore - I love Drew Barrymore, I mean who doesn't love Drew Barrymore! So instantly I clicked on her name and scrolled down. I was noticing how light and glowing her makeup and face looked, and I immediately thought that is what I wish I could do to my face, let's face it I turned 38 a few weeks ago, and I am thinking now is the time I should probably start wearing a little more makeup to hid these dark under eyes, red blemishes and wrinkles, yes I said wrinkles! They are happening. So as I was scrolling her feed I saw this picture of makeup, so I made it bigger and saw what it was, so I quickly googled it and come to find out, this makeup is Drew Barrymore's line, of course it is...where the hell have I been that I didn't know about this. Anyway, I sat and watched her tutorials and quickly fell in love. So I bought a few of the products, and I have to say, I am loving it. The thing that I love the most is it's light and doesn't feel like I have a “makeup mask” all over my face. I also love that I am totally excited to get ready for the day and put my makeup on. So that is a huge plus!! I can't wait to buy more of this product and try new things!! It's important to feel pretty, and like a lady. Especially when you are a mom, running kids around, doing laundry, cleaning up from breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know when I get ready for the day, and now apply this beautiful product to my face, I function so much better! So if you are like me, and don't LOVE makeup or if you just want to try something new, I highly recommend this product!!

I totally love the lip chubby - and also the moisturizing foundation. 
The cream eye shadow is amazing!! 
Check out her website - she has some wonderful product. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What to BLOG about…

I am sitting here, looking at all of my pictures, trying desperately to figure out what the hell to blog about. But the overwhelming feeling is taking over. It's been too long since I have blogged and to start from the last time I blogged…well, I would be here for days with updates.

Blogging really needs to be more than random posts every nine months - what the hell is wrong with me. It's not like I don't have the time. Don't get me wrong, I will take playing with my kids - or binge netflix watching any day! But seriously! This is ridiculous. I mean, I want to journal my life, my kids, my thoughts and feelings. I should make time to do that! I need to learn to stick with something and just do it…RIGHT? RIGHT!

Well, I can only give it my best…and see what happens. Hopefully I can be more consistent.

For now, I will add a few favorite moments…

Love this girl so much, she works hard at everything she does. So proud of her.

My 38th birthday with the love my life. Love him.

This boy. What can I say? He is the most amazing, hilarious little boy I know, and he is mine!

One of my favorite things I have come across lately. Chatbooks!! Love these so much.

AVAH! My dancer.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Avah...7 years ago today. (Repost)

Happy Birthday to this little amazing girl of mine!

Avah Louize Spinning is finally here. I started having contractions Saturday night when I got into bed, they were coming about every hour. Sunday we spent most of the day at my parents house. About 8 pm we went home, and they started to come every five minutes, when we got home, I got in the bath, and I only lasted about five minutes, the contractions started getting very intense. So we continued to get ready for the hospital. They were very consistent for an hour, and just seemed to get stronger and stronger, so Vin called the hospital, and they told me to come on up. When we arrived at the hospital they hooked me up to all the monitors and checked my dilation. I was only about a 2.5 I couldn't believe it wasn't more than that. Thank goodness they didn't sent me home. I was put on potassium (not sure of the spelling) to help get the contractions closer together. About an hour later I was checked again, and to a 3 so the nurse asked me if I wanted the epidural, there was no hesitation...I said YES!! (Note to all of those who have never given birth before and are about too, DO NOT EAT A BIG MEAL THE DAY YOU THINK YOU WILL DELIVER. - I was not good, threw up twice, poor Vinny he was such a trooper, so good with me. At about 12:30 Dr. Fowers came in (he is not our original doctor, Avah decided to choose a day when our doctor wouldn't be around) he broke my water and said that for a first time delivery it would most likely be a couple hours to get to 4cm and then it's usually 1cm every hour till you get to ten. So we all thought that Dr. Kirkman would actually be able to deliver her because he would be back on at 7:00 am. Little did we know. My sister was also there, so the three of us turned the light off and all tried to sleep. At a little after 2, I woke up and had a lot of pain in my back. The baby was moving a lot, and her heart rate kept dropping, so I was put on Oxygen for her. The pain wouldn't go away, and I was starting to feel pain down the left leg. The nurse checked me, and to all of our amazement I was already at a 7. I was able to get more medicine because it felt like I was feeling it ware off in my left side. At about 3:00 the pain in my back was getting worse, and it had only been twenty minutes since the nurse checked me, but she decided to check me again, and I was already at a ten. So I was obviously not a typical first time as far as having a long labor. Avah was ready to come out, the nurse started getting everything ready, and we started to do some pushing. It was pretty natural to me, which was surprising. I thought I wouldn't be able to do it. But she was so low, and her head was crowning. So the doctor was paged. My parents were called. I was so happy because my dad stayed and got to witness her being born. I know it meant so much to him. I started to feel a lot of pressure and wanted to push, but the nurse wouldn't let me anymore until the doctor got there. Vinny and I are convinced that the nurse was starting to get nervous that Dr. Fowers wasn't there yet. She kept saying to me, “Don't push, just breath thru it.” Finally the doctor got there, and about twenty minutes of pushing, she was here. Perfect and Amazing. She did so great, and I mush say, I think I did pretty good myself. It was honestly the most amazing thing I have ever been thru. It's so true that there is nothing like it, no words to describe it. You really don't know unless you have been thru it. I am so in love with my daughter, and can not believe that I am a mommy. I really can't believe that Vinny is a Daddy. I am seeing him in a completely different way, and falling completely in love with him all over again. He is so good with her, and just loves her so much. He already has promised her a pony and puppy, he says she will get whatever she wants. (UH OH, I think we are in trouble.) He was so good during the labor. I really couldn't have asked for anything better. So here are some pictures of her on her first day in the world, we will take more today, she is starting to puff out. So she is looking more like a baby!! I am just in love...


Monday, April 28, 2014

A Love for Dance...

This past weekend Avah had her second dance competition. She dances with a new dance studio in the valley, The Edge. This is their second year in business (Avah's first year competing), this studio is AMAZING! They have had amazing accomplishments only being in their second year, and I am so proud to say that my little girl has been apart of this company. It is breaking my heart that we won't be able to be apart of it after this year. I only hope that when we move, we are able to find a dance studio that is as great as this one!! The owners of The Edge and sisters Jamie and Julie, and honestly they are truly amazing, talented, caring people. The love they have for dance and for these girls is truly incredible. It's been so fun to watch Avah grow as a person and as a dancer. I could not be happier with her first season of competition! I know we will truly miss this company, these coaches, and the other girls that Avah has made friendships with!!

The Edge took overall Grand Champions at this past weekends competition. It is a huge accomplishment!! Avah's team received Celebrity Star Superior in Hip Hop and Jazz, and a Celebrity Star in lyrical, and her Hip Hop received judges choice. The Edge Dance Company also got best Choreography!! It was such a fun day!!

Reagan and Avah

Reagan and Avah

Avah doing a handstand - she is always in a handstand...parking lots, living rooms, stores, anywhere she can she does it!

My pretty girl!

The Edge Dance Company - Grand Champions!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A big SHOUT OUT to my SIS...on her BIRTHDAY!

Today is my sisters birthday!! I hope she doesn't kill me for putting it out there, but I think she should totally embrace this birthday!! She is one of the most TALENTED, CARING, LOVING, FUN, FABULOUS, GORGEOUS, GRACIOUS, SPECTACULAR, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, FANTASTIC (I could go on and on) person I know. I am proud that she is my sister! I love her strength and courage, her loving heart and she is beautiful in and out. Jayme, you are the best sister, friend I could ever hope for. I think the world of you. I hope you have an amazing FABULOUS birthday!! Can't wait to give you the biggest hug every tomorrow!! LOVE YOU!!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Blogging, Easter 2014, and NON iPhone Pictures!

It's been to long - I mean really, I can't even get a blog post in once a month, what is that about? I have let the simplicity of Facebook takeover blogging. Before Avah was born I used to blog all of the time, once she was born it was few and far between. Now it's non existent. I am the only thing that stands in my way of blogging about my life experiences, about my adorable family. I love reading my friends blogs, those who keep them updated, and I always think how great it will be for them one day when they can look back and remember all of the great things they did, all the great pictures of their family and adventures. Which brings me to the most important reason for my post today - I don't keep a journal, I take A LOT of pictures, mostly with my iPhone. My kids will be able to see them one day, but I will not always be around to tell them about the adventures behind them. So her I go (again) to try to be consistent with my blog - I am hoping I can find tips on how to keep it going. Blogging consistently is on my life changing list, so here it goes! Wish me luck!

Easter 2014 was a great one, even though Derek had his tonsils out, he was in great spirits!! I am grateful for the family I have, especially my husband, Avah and Derek...

Who doesn't love to fly a kite!

Derek Dominick - (and Mia in the window)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'll have VEGETABLES with a little side of FRUIT please...

That's what my menu has been for the past week. I went on a “only fruits and vegetable” diet for a week. Yes, you heard correct... ONE WEEK, 7 DAYS! I realize I am being a little dramatic, and when all said and done, it really wasn't so bad. Although one might ask my husband, he might have a different opinion. 

Here is the thing, I have been consistently working out for over a year now, watching what I eat... not so much consistent. I do really well, then I go back to old habits. I cheat and tell myself it's ok. BUT it's not! So I was ready to try something new! It's so TRUE about the 80/20 crap! I say crap because I hate dieting, I hate watching what I eat, and I sometimes hate working out. BUT theres that BUT again... I HATE MORE THAN ANYTHING...BEING FAT! Yes, I look in the mirror and I see FAT!

Well, I am over it, I am over coming up with the excuses, I am over CHEATING on myself. I AM OVER IT!

Enter Jake: Jake is one of the most encouraging people I have ever meant when it comes to health and fitness. I have known him for over a year now, and he hasn't given up on me. I love that about Jake, he still pushes even though I look the same as I did when I meant him. I know I am stronger, I know I am a little more confident, and I know its mostly because of him. So Jake thru this little challenge at me, only eat fruits and veggies for a week, nothing else. (although he did allow me to keep my coffee, what a sweetheart, right?) So I decided on my own when I was going to start this. After spending four days in southern utah with my friends and family, hiking, and being in the heat, I knew when I got back, it was time.

So last Wednesday I started! I was excited, nervous, and most of all scared I was going to fail. Thank god I was scared, because that was what kept me from not giving up. It was probably one of the hardest things I have done. BUT I DID IT! I did it with not even one little cheat. I mean people, I didn't even lick my fingers after giving my kids a little stack of BBQ pringles. I was totally in control of the situation. Day 1 thru 4 wasn't so bad, I was my crankiest around 4:00-5:00 pm. Day 5, SUCKED, I mean a big giant F word sucked! But I pushed thru, Day 6, was good, and by Day 7, I was done, I wanted to be DONE, it pretty much sucked all day too! But can I just tell you when I woke up this morning, I was beyond proud of myself!! AND I didn't run downstairs and put the first cookie I could find in my mouth! I got up, got my water, went to workout, and I came home, and made me the best eggs I have ever tasted, with avocado of course...

Here is what I took away from this challenge:

1. I can do WHATEVER I want if I just put my mind to it, and tell myself I can do ANYTHING.


3. I didn't crave sweets, breads, pastas, rice... I am more satisfied with double the veggies then having       the rice.

4. Water makes you feel full longer

5. Eat smaller portions more often - THIS REALLY WORKS PEOPLE

6. I lost four pounds - but in the end it wasn't really about losing the weight, it was about showing myself I have willpower and discipline to lose the fat AND eat clean.

7. I HAVE THE MOST WONDERFUL HUSBAND! Seriously, Vinny was amazing. He made every lunch and dinner that he was available to make for me. He was conscience about what he was eating in front of me, he put up with my bitchy moments. He new when to leave me alone, and when to distract me. He kept me moving, and encouraged me every second of the past week. He sees me, and sees how hard I worked and it has encouraged him to change his habits too, which in turn makes me want to keep going. So thanks Vin! I love you!!

So now what? Well, I continue to eat clean, but I get to add in protein, maybe a little dairy. You don't even know how excited I am for dinner tonight, I get to eat a piece of grilled chicken, with a side of veggies, and fruit for dessert!